Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank You + Etude House Haulie

Happy heavens! I have reached 50 followers today! I feel really satisfied as a blogger and super duper happy of course! When I started blogging I didn't even know what to expect, i just wanted to share my thoughts on this passion we all share and now I have 50 blogger buddies! ^_^ I would like to express my gratitude and sincerest thanks to all the lovely ladies (and gents - if there are any) who read my blog and always leave love and sweetness here in ♡ coffretgorge. 



Now onto my mini haul from Etude House. At long last, I finally had the time to drag myself and Lurvey to Megamall (where Etude House is located) and boy was there a lot of people! I haven't gone to Megamall in ages! (ok i'm exaggerating. lol)

I like the pretty & princessy pink paper bag

I got a free Lee Min Ho file folder (left), isn't he cute?! *sigh* I find his pose awkward though. hehehe ;)

Honestly, I wasn't over the moon when I was perusing the shelves of Etude House, one reason is that it was so warm inside! Who would want to sweat while cosmetic shopping? Answer: Not me! :P Plus, the stuff was a little blah. But being the diligent happy camper that I am, I managed to snag some stuff just to try the quality of the products ;)

First thing I grabbed, a pack of Happy Tea Time Green Tea cleansing tissues - Php98
for those days when I have a long travel home, this is very convenient; I don't think it can take off waterproof mascara though, because when I tried it I was only wearing regular mascara and it took me quite a while to clean my lashes. It has green tea scent which is not too heavy, i can tolerate it.

Moistfull Collagen mask sheet - Php98
formulated mask sheet to supply collagen and moisture to improve complexion

Falsies! - Php198
I don't use falsies, I just like buying them. I know, I should try putting them already! :)

Nail Art pen - Php148
works like a correction pen. :)

Dear Darling Nails Bling Bling - yes that's the name! ^_^ - Php198
RD010, scarlet red with gold glitters
swatch in tape:
It reminds me of Dorothy's red pumps. gorge!

Have you ever tried Etude House products? What would you recommend? :)
Thanks for reading! 

♡ coffretgorge


  1. I bought a couple of Etude House items recently but I haven't used them.

    Haha, I didn't try out their Bling Bling nails!!! I did try their Petit Darling Nails though :)

  2. great haul!
    the last time i went they don't have the pink nail art pen..i wonder if they have it na...

    that nail polish looks nice!
    i need to get myself some when i go there.

    im loving the cleansing water that i bought from EH not too long ago.

  3. nice haul!!! I think I've tried one of its lipgloss before but it was way back in the days. The nail color is pretty =)

  4. What a nice haulie! I have these green tea tissues too! Got it from a friend, but haven't used them yet, hehe...

  5. Ling Ling you forgot your Bling Bling haha! College days! ;p

  6. Etude house is soo cute!! i can't wait to buy some of their stuff when i go to asia hehe

  7. Congrats on hitting 50+ followers, sweetie! =D We have no Etude House here. Boo. I want to at least bask in the cuteness...haha. Love the name of the nail polish and the color of course! Let us know how you like the mask sheet plz. *^_^*

  8. everything you got looks so cute!! i love those lashes too :) i haven't tried much etude house stuff so can't recommend any at this point

  9. Etude House products always look so nice and dreamy!! Those lashes! FANTASTIC! Haahaa. Yea I can relate. I had collected quite a few lashes before ever attempting to wear them LOL

  10. i want to shop at etude too! and MAN that red nail polish looks SEXY!

    congrats on 50 followers!!!

  11. oooH those lashes are smashing, DO try them out and post some pics please! :D

  12. Thank you ladies! I'm going to post replies on your respective blogs. xoxo ^_~

  13. Congratulations on reaching 50 followers! I'm sure your number will continue to grow.

    Great Etude House haul. The nail polish is gorgeous and I agree with you on the Ruby Pumps thing. The green tea cleansing towelettes sound so relaxing and the eye lashes are so pretty.

  14. I have one of their masks also, the pink one. I haven't try it yet! Cute haul

  15. i love the haul <33 korean skincare products work really well. <333 anyways, make me your 54th blog follower :) looking forward to more of your cute blogs.


  16. everything looks lovely <3 i have yet to try Etude products but i've heard lots of great things about them and hope to try some of their stuff soon! nice haul :D xx

  17. Haha, I'm the same! I don't use falsies either but I want to buy some anyway! XD


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