Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Magazines: Stella + Preview

January Magazines: Stella & Preview 

Stella Jan-Feb 2010: Beauty, Fashion and Travel (Bangkok)
Thai sweetheart, Paula Taylor

This is my first time buying Stella magazine, what caught my eye? Paula Taylor of course, i think she is such a darling. Besides being pretty, I love her personality, she can slack off and be a prima donna in Thailand (where she is super duper famous), but she still opts to go to foreign countries and try her luck. She's also popular here in the Philippines because of The Amazing Race Asia, her "friendship" with sporty hunk Marc Nelson, endorsements and a movie with a veteran comedian last year. Hong Kong is her next target market, will she make it? We'll have to wait and see.

Plum shades for spring, are you feeling it?

Preview: Fashion and Beauty
The first lady of boxing, Jinkee Pacquiao

I like the way they styled her for the cover, I think its very chic for Jinkee. It's very wearable too, not over the top imho.
Animal prints: ROAR!

Spring looks: Fringe benefits, Naked eye

I also like this issue of Preview because it has lots of pages dedicated to beauty and how to fix common makeup mistakes, which is helpful to non-pros like me.

What beauty trends are you feeling this season? As for me, I'm sticking to pretty pink lips and soft blushers during the day. I love it, so fresh like flowers in springtime. :)


  1. altho im thai i havent been keeping up with thai entertainment so i have no idea who she is BUT my sister sure does!

  2. i love paula too she is super cute!! there's bad press on her in thailand right now because some photos leaked out of her and her bf and people think he's not so attractive

  3. I don't know Paula Taylor but I'm assuming Jinkee is Manny's wife? Either way, they are both pretty! :) I love seeing Asian magazines. These two are a first for me. Thanks for sharing, hun!! Ooh, and I am totally with you on the pretty pink lips and soft blushers.


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