Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Liese Mocha Orange

Ola chicas! I can't believe this is my first blog entry for July. Apologies for my long absence! I'm doing my best to keep up. <3


My dark roots were already annoying to see so I looked at my stash for my backup bubble hair dyes, I chose Mocha Orange after browsing google images.

this is my previous hair color, its Liese Ash Brown which can already considered as "very light color hair" as you can see on the chart. 
Its also quite flattering for my yellowish skin tone.

Now you can see the Mocha Orange shade. I left the bubble dye on for 30 minutes and got this result:
please don't mind the pesky, won't be tamed strands. xD

Its looks really bright under sunlight:
Its a very pretty "summer" shade, do you like your hair lighter during hotter months/seasons? Obviously I do. What do you gals think? 

If you want to see detailed instructions for Prettia/Liese bubble hair dye and previous hair colors just look it up on the search tab. ;)

Happy hump day!


  1. The hair color is super pretty! I think it's nice to go lighter for the hotter seasons. The name of the color is super cute.

  2. ooh it looks good! ^.^
    And personally, I covet a whole face pic to see how it fits your skintone =)
    oookay, maybe a half-face shot would do too, like the one with the previous color =)

  3. i think we ended up with the same hair color LOL! i dyed my hair with chiffon beige last week and i think it sort of looks like yours. cool! xD hahaha!

  4. that color looks great on you!! your hair is so smooth and silky ^_^

  5. I like light hair for the summer too, but I'm sometimes a little afraid to go too light XD maybe because i'm too lazy with re-dying when the roots starts to show haha.

    I love bubble hair dyes, and this colour looks so pretty on you! <3

  6. that's a lovely shade for summer! I wanted to dye my hair but after growing out my roots for 2 years I've decided not to again. I think the roots would annoy me :P

  7. Gosh, I have one chica size pizza in Panama and I can't live it down!!! =)

    The summer sun brings out blond highlights for me. LOL, but I'm not kidding about the highlights.

  8. It's really pretty color on you! On the day that you posted this, I happened to see the same thing in the store. I ended up buying a Palty hair dye instead since I've used the brand before and like the way my hair feels after using it.


  9. nice! i like liese hair dye but it cant cover my whites >.<

    xoxo elle

  10. definitely a nice summer shade! i don't have hair color preference anymore after i stopped dying my hair 7 years ago! :P i got too lazy to keep touching it up and stuff and it was starting to damage my hair b/c on top of coloring i also got permanent straightening!


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