Monday, July 25, 2011

Melliesh All in One Mineral Powder

The Melliesh "All-in-one Mineral Powder" set is one of the two base makeup offerings released for Yui Kanno's brand. It comes with a 5g jar of mineral loose powder and a synthetic stippling brush with a pink handle.
The japanese gyarus are getting more clever in luring beauty junkies into buying everything they peddle don't you think? This set retails for HKD170 (approx. USD22) which I think is quite reasonable for the quality of the powder + brush set.

the small jar comes with a sifter cap to avoid spillage and it gives more control on how much product you want to take out of the jar.

 a natural beige shade with slightly yellow undertone and some coverage, it compliments my skin very well and leaves a semi-matte finish once blended into the skin.

It gives off a soft and smooth, natural look and prolongs the wear of foundation / BB cream. I tried it to set the Nanoce BB cream and it was a match made in heaven for me. Sadly, I have realized (and accepted) that I am allergic to mineral makeup as small bumps would instantly appear on my face when I wear anything defined as "mineral makeup". Although I have yet to distinguish which particular ingredient is causing this, for now its safer to stay away from it. A shame, because I like it very much. *locks it in the blog sale stash*

The stippling brush included is surprisingly decent and usable. The synthetic hair is soft and it does a good job in applying the loose powder. I also think it adds appeal and value to the set. Just be sure to wash the brush before letting it touch your face!



  1. you're not alone... i'm allergic to everything mineral as well.. from big brands like mac, laura mercier, maybelline, bare minerals... etc. to smaller brands like edm, ellana... whatever brands the mineral makeup is i get small bumps in the face too... plus it makes my skin sooo much oilier

  2. Thanks for the review! I love how it comes with its own full sized brush! It's a shame you are allergic to mineral makeup. I am too!

  3. Ohhh, i'm sorry to hear that you're allergic to mineral makeup. I wonder what ingredient in the makeup make you have those red bumps.

    this gyaru makeup stuff makes my bank account lose weight and the cc bills fatter lol.

    btw, how does this compare with candydoll's mineral powder in terms of keeping the oilies at bay?

  4. Looks nice and its cool that the powder comes with a quality brush. The price is def reasonable. Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. awwww.... :( sad that this did not work for you G! :/

    *looking forward to your blogsale LOL! xD

  6. Love the pink handle on the brush! Nice to know that it's functional as well, because you never know with brushes that come included in sets!

    I have a similar problem w/ mineral makeup, I get bumps and I find it tends to highlight my pores :-(

  7. Wow, the brush looks super cute! I would probably just buy the mineral powder just for the brush! Hehe. :)

  8. so your skin is sensitive to minerals makeup... hope you can find a perfect match really soon.

    HK have lotsa good deal thats the reason i can haul without thinking there

  9. Aw sorry you got bumps! I'm also reactive to mineral makeup sadly but I love the coverage and light feel of powder. Too bad. At least you got a stippling brush. :)

  10. I love the brush! It's so pretty. I'm sorry that you're allergic to the mineral powder. Apparently, there's something in mineral makeup that many people react to.

    I used to use Bare Minerals for many years so I thought that I was fine. However, when I started to use MAC Mineralize cream foundation, I started to get little red bumps too. Using the mineralize blush that I recently got hasn't affected me though.


  11. I always thought that mineral makeup is safe for all skintypes! Gosh..

    I heard of people breaking out from MAC mineralize blushes though, which made me stay far far far away from them.

    I like powders that give some coverage, I need every little bit of coverage that I can get haha. Thanks for the review G =D

  12. Ahh...Try using them a bit beside your jawline and see if it's happens again. If it's does u're probably allergy with it. Because I realized that mineral makeup does reacts different to our base product. eg: Skincare. I love my everyday mineral foundation. But there was a period it does gimme small little bumps that I've stopped using them. Now, occasionally i do use them and it works wonderful even better than before. :)

  13. {*wow} I would think that if anyone had sensitive skin, s/he would not be allergic to mineral makeup. This is the first time I've heard of that. At least you know to stay away from Mineral makeup. The packaging and product looks quite impressive though.

    <3 S.

  14. Ah, hope your skin is recovering.
    I am not a fan of Mineral makeup but I had asked J to pick this up too as it is a LE set ;)


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