Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dior Addict Lipstick in 322 Beige Perfection, 333 Nude

The new Dior Addicts are high-shine, lightweight, moisturizing lip colors similar to CHANEL's Rouge Coco Shines.
I got 322 Beige Perfection and 333 Nude because my collection needed more natural looking lip colors. These retail for HKD230 (approx. USD29) each which is very close to the US price.

packaging comparison: top, old Dior Addict vs. bottom, new Dior Addict
I actually prefer the old Dior Addict packaging because its simpler and the duo-chrome effect is more obvious. The new tube, confused me at first. In the Dior counter, I tried twisting and pulling what I thought was a cap, but that was just my excitement, I later learned that you only have to pull the "knob" gently out of the duo-chrome DIOR tube just like the old one. Silly me.

322 Beige Perfection
322 Beige Perfection is a shining rosy pink. The formula feels a tad gritty because of the micro shimmer, but I can definitely feel the improvement from the old Addicts where the shimmer can really be felt as they are slightly bigger. I really like this shade, it looks pretty but still natural. The shiny effect makes my lips look plump.

333 Nude
333 Nude is a milky peach kind of nude which I find really flattering on my NC30 skin tone. It is tricky to find a pretty, nude lipstick because it tends to wash out complexions. But this one enhances my overall look, not over empowering, not hard to match with eye and cheek colors. So far the second most beautiful nude lipstick in my collection (Guerlain Rouge G Gardenia is numero uno). The texture of 333 actually reminds me of YSL's Rouge Voluptes, so creamy. Its definitely a winner in my book!

left: 322 Beige Perfection right: 333 Nude

The lipsticks have a "melt in your lips" texture which feels luxurious yet comfortable. My only gripe about the new formula is that it tends to dry and chap my lips after a few hours of wear which is ironic since these are supposed to be moisturizing lip colors. I would  recommend exfoliating the lips before wearing to minimize chapping.

Short Comparison for Dior Addict and CHANEL Rouge Coco Shine:
Pigmentation: Dior = CHANEL
Moisturizing ability: Dior < CHANEL
Price: Dior < CHANEL
Shine: Dior = CHANEL
Velvety feel: Dior = CHANEL
Longevity of wear: Dior > CHANEL
Shade selection: Dior (56) > CHANEL (25)

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!


  1. Those are really pretty colors! I do think that the new formulation is a bit more moisturizing than the old formulation though. I also think that Chanel Rouge Coco Shine dries out on my lips after a few hours of wear.


  2. I agree with you about the packaging, I think the old one looks better as well. The new one is still very pretty though! Thanks for the swatches xD

  3. Definitely a helpful review. :D I've been curious about the new Dior Addict lipsticks~ thanks for the tip about exfoliating. If ever I were to try these out...that will be a must!

  4. These look very similar to shades I've already got from the original range. However, they do have some brighter shades that I'm considering....

  5. What great buys! I have Nude too and I absolutely love it. I usually go for bright lip looks but I'm beginning to appreciate the subtle beauty of a good nude lipstick. Dior Addicts are indeed creamy and moisturising. I prefer the creamy ones without the glitter though.

  6. oooo They look lovely!
    It is so weird that they dry out your lips after a while.....

  7. I have tried the YSL ones and they are in fact creamy, which I like.. I now want to try these! Beige perfection looks lovely. And I also like their packaging (old or new).

  8. Those lippies are very pretty. I love the packaging. =))

  9. Thanks for the swatches and comparisons! The shades are so pretty. Glad you found such great nude lipsticks. I've been looking for a slightly glossy one and really like the look of shade 333.

    Thanks for commenting on my post. The brush is really good! Usable and actually pretty soft x

  10. Beige Perfection looks supa dupa! Thank you so much for this splendid post x

  11. thanks for this review G! :) i am going to assume that this would work for me since i think we're around the same skintone LOL! another lemming~ >.<

  12. Ooh great review and awesome comparison between Chanel and Dior at the end! Chanel lippies have been on my list for a while but I still have lipsticks that I don't even wear =S Got to finish or at least use them before I start buying anymore LOL.

    Hm I don't know what that pineapple contraption thing was called haha! But it was sure interesting seeing them use it. Makes getting some pineapple so much easier!
    And thank you G~ I am much more happier now than I was a few months back =) Always got to look up right? ;)


    This is a must-have. I now I sound so crazy from your Nanoce post, and now this, but beautiful G, this is beautiful! I haven't paid attention to Dior Lipsticks cos they simply have too many, but this color is totally me!

  14. hmm the colors are very pretty! and the dior-chanel comparison was very helpful! ^.^

  15. I like it very much but where I can buy by a most best price?
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