Monday, July 18, 2011

HK "Gift To Self" Haul

Shoot. I've abandoned my blog again. Apologies my lovelies! You know how it is when real life gets in the way of blogging duties ya? ;) I got a lot of requests on Twitter to share photos of the stuff I got during my recent trip to Hong Kong. Its been a while since I did a haul post, so I figured I'd give it a go. 

OMGee. I couldn't just tell you how much fun and destructive it is (for the wallet) to shop with a fellow beauty blogger.  I have to SHOW you.
*waves hello to Jennifer*

here's a group pic:

close ups:

I'm running really low on my current Aqualabel skin care so I took advantage of the reasonably priced box set + enhancer at SaSa :)

also stocked up on my favorite bubble hair dye because selection is better and its so much cheaper in Hong Kong with all the promotions during the July SALE.
Sweet Apricot and Dark Chocolat

My Beauty Diary LE Masks and Sweet Teatime Set :)
I'm so excited to try these, the packaging is so darn cute!

Orbis UV Cut Sunscreen and Foam Esthe pack:
the sunscreen is the new version I've been told, hence the new packaging color.

loaded up on essential and portable brushes, the price difference between Hong Kong and Manila is huge especially for Shu Uemura brushes (my favorite brand).
I finally have S.U. 18R and the MAC 187  (my first MAC brush)! *happy dance*

base makeup, all powders were recommended by my dear friend/ evil enabler J. :P
The Nanoce BB moist cream was not on my "shoplist" but I was surprised when I saw it at CitySuper so I grabbed it. I've been wanting to try it for the longest time because of Nic Nic's good feedback and HG status. Go see her FOTD's to see what I mean. :)

Make Up For Ever:
I've been testing the black one, my review will be posted soon.

liquid pearl luminizer, brightening makeup base and a foaming wash (sample)

JS Milky Strawberry and BeneFit Sugarbomb

Dior Addict Lippies in 322 and 333. 
Natural looking shades in the beige family. <3

Eye makeup:
you didn't think I was going back without some DollyWink cuteness did you? ^___^
also, I caved in and finally got a Helena Rubinstein mascara at HKIA Duty Free. xD

last but definitely not the least, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows!
OMfrigginGee. I feel like doing a blog sale, sell all my e/s palettes and just collect all the ETK shades. Serious!

I hope you enjoyed the haul post as much as I had a blast shopping for them. *evil laughter* hey, its my birthday haul! lol. the lamest excuse. I know.

Have a great Monday!


  1. I'm glad you had fun and found some good deals on your trip. You've been missed.

  2. I know how exactly you feel. I almost cough out all my saving just to shop in HK. Its really a shopping heaven..

    I hasn't jump into the craze of ETK yet... can't imagine if i did

  3. wow. what a great haul. several products that i've been wanting to try out. i've been wanting to try some my dear diary face masks and also the dolly wink products!

    i can't wait to see your fotd.

  4. Wow, you got so much good stuff in Hong Kong! Can't wait to see what you think of everything! :)

  5. What a haul!! I love Jill Stuart. I wish they're readily available here. Enjoy your new goodies, Georgina!

  6. Omg awesome haul love! I couldn't find the yummy new mbd masks when I went to hk, and that we didnt stay too long (only 7 hours including shopping, eating and touring around) in hk :( so I have to hurry up in sasa. With I had more time to shop lol! I've been hearing nothing but awesome things about those Armani eyes to kill, I should pick those up next time! Which one is ur fav?

  7. What a haul! I fear for my wallet if I ever go to HK :)

    I have to thank you for shopping for Jen as she picked up a bunch of stuff for me while she was with you!

    I love the Ettusais powder (I have it also) and the Sana Hadanomy spray best. Could you do a review of Mellish powder? I really just want the brush but if the powder is good too it's more justifiable to buy :)

  8. Great haul!! I'm wanting to go to HK now too =)

  9. Fabulous haul! By any chance, do you still remember how much did you pay for the Nanoce BB cream?

    If you ever do a blogsale, you know who will be queuing up for Lunasol es palettes hahaha

  10. Someone went shopping crazy in HK! Awesome birthday haul. :)

  11. nice haul you

  12. Oh wow! Awesome haul! If I go to HK I'll need to go without the hubby because I certainly don't want him to see just how crazy I could go.

    The Nanoce Moist BB Cream is really nice. For a BB cream, it has good coverage. I like it a lot too.

    A possible blog sale with all of your lovely, lovely Lunasol palettes?! *drool* I'm so there! hehe!


  13. ohohooo nice haul! ^.^
    What I'm most curious about: Shu and MAC brushes, Chacott powder, JS blush, Dior lippies aaaand the GA shadows! =D
    When was your Bday? Happy Birthday Georgina! <3

  14. Georg! I wanted to get the MUFE liners :P

    Great haul!!!

  15. Oh-la-la, yummy haul! Everything looks amazing, can't wait to read the reviews! ^_^

  16. Amazing haul!!
    I fear for my wallet when I shop in HK and with Jenn! :P which is why I'm trying to save up now haha!
    I want to see swatches and FOTDs! XD xxx <3

  17. lots of good stuff!!!! *drools!!!

    i'm excited to see the swatches and the reviews! :) i can always count on you for making me feel jealous with hauls G! LOL! xD i super love huge haul posts! *gleeeee~

  18. What a lovely haul! My eyeing the Eyes To Kill, I've been hearing so many good things about them. I can wait to see swatches.

  19. Wow, great haul! The MBD masks are great, hope you like them. Agree with the cute packaging.

  20. Georgina, it's good to see that you treated yourself to a birthday haul (whether it's for your birthday or not haha)! Glad you're back, I took a little break myself :P

  21. I've been eying the MBD Macaroon masks! tehehe Such a great haul~ I'm still debating what I should buy from Taiwan since I need to spend my money wisely. :)

  22. yay! wat huge hauls:) enjoy it girl! I love Benefit!

  23. omg!!!i want the ETK and dollywink!!!!hahaha..ive been hearing great reviews about dollywink products but i don't know anything about the brand!!:)) I LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOVE UR HAULS!!

  24. Great haul! Those MBD masks are the bomb...they make my skin look brighter and feel hydrated...


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