Monday, June 27, 2011

Shiny Fings from the Worship Blues Emporium

My stalking skills finally got me some shiny fings
I love Yasumi's penmanship. Look at that "A"! sooo kewl.
obviously packed with lots of love, it was such a treat opening my parcel.
my favorite part (aside from seeing the actual jewelry) was reading the care instructions, Yasumi is a really talented artist. I was laughing and smiling like a love-struck teen reading her note. I wont share it in here, you have to get one yourself! ^_~

extra love ;)
Presenting, my first pair of shiny fings from the Worship Blues Emporium!

They make me happy, I love them, and they are definitely going to my little box of gorgeousness.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Yasumi makes such fabulous, feminine jewelry. Pics of you wearing, please!

  2. the necklace is so pretty G! <3 the earrings are so pretty too! ^-^

  3. great penmanship indeed! that necklace is just lovely! I agree w Jamilla, would love to see pix of you wearing them! =D

  4. I am so happy that you liked everything my dear! This post has kicked my week off with a <<<>>>

    Lots of love from your friendly errfling!

  5. Gorgeous pieces you got, G! :)

  6. oh my,
    the package is so cute !
    & the jewelry is so pretty , esp the necklace! <3
    me is jealousssss >_<!

    - Coco

  7. What a lovely package! Aww the green tea masks were such a nice touch. The earrings are so pretty :-)

  8. Awww, it is exciting to get a package you know was prepared by someone wonderful. Well, it's fun to get any package, but especially one like that.

    I like shiny fings!

  9. I love browsing her store and blog, everything she churns out is always so artistic! I especially love that necklace, it's gorgeous xD

  10. Such gorgeous jewelry!! hehe the title made me laugh.. I haven't heard of shiny things being called "shiny fings" before :P I hope you've been doing well.. I feel horrible for being so MIA, I've missed you too Georgina!!

  11. beautifully wrapped and so pretty! love the earrings!

  12. tagged you in an award =)


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