Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment

In a hot and humid climate like ours, I'm sure a lot of ladies will be able to relate when I say that fighting frizz is always a tough battle. That is why I decided to invest time and money to have a Keratin Complex treatment and finally be free from my daily hair troubles. 

Who Should Use this Keratin Complex Treatment?
Anyone who wants to smooth frizzy hair or tame curly locks can use it. It will keep your hair smooth, and make straightening easier. If you love your curls, this will help them stay bouncy and gorgeous without the extra frizz. Coppola Keratin Treatment works great for ethnic hair too! 
Why Does it Work?
Keratin is a naturally occurring protein found in our hair skin and nails. This, overtime and because of other products we use, will deplete from the hair. The Coppola Keratin Treatment brings life back into our locks by restoring the keratin which creates lustrous and shiny hair that is still very manageable.

The Keratin treatment process usually takes 3-4 hours depending on the length and thickness of hair to be treated. My long hair took 2 hours to finish (as 2 stylists worked on it).

First step was to wash my hair (shampoo only), then it was blow-dried loosely. The Keratin complex treatment is then applied to the hair by section using a brush. It is left to set for 30 minutes.
also had my eyebrows dyed ^_^

The smell was a bit irritating to the nose and eyes, my eyes teared up every time the fan was oscillating away from me.

After the 30 minute setting period, the treatment has to be "sealed-in" using a flat iron set to 450degrees. After that, the salon process is over.
Thats senior stylist Michael to the right snipping a few inches off my hair.

almost done!
The hardest part of this treatment was not being able to wash my hair for 3 whole days! 72 stinking hours! Although to be fair my scalp wasn't as itchy as I expected it to be. but still, I'm so glad that part is over. Now I can show you my "BEFORE & AFTER" photos. 

dry and frizzy hair hello? >.<

My new just-got-out-of-the-bed 'do! ta-dah! :)
A handy heart to cover my wonky smile xD
Sorry for the blurry photo, had the camera's ISO set too high @.@
As you can see my hair's natural waves are still there as this is only a nourishing treatment, not traditional hair rebonding. I love that it looks healthy, moisturized and naturally shiny. My hair is now soft, smooth and frizz free! I hope it lasts for 4-6 months as promised.

To prolong the effect the stylist recommended using the Coppola Sulfate-free shampoo + conditioner set which they have in the salon, but because I'm a brat I declined and went to Basement Salon to get the Pureology set which is said to be THE BEST sulfate-free, Keratin treatment after care. It is pricier than the Coppola set, but after spending that much on a treatment, I wanted the best after care available.
Pureology SuperSmooth Shampoo 300ml Php1190 Conditioner 250ml Php1515
The Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment costs Php7,000 (approx. USD160) at Studio 546, Shangri-la Plaza. Is it worth it? I think its a good alternative if you get monthly treatments to smooth and nourish your hair. It CAN cost almost the same, but LESS visits to the salon. 

➜ This is not for pregnant women.
➜The treatment is formaldehyde-free, but does contain an organic aldehyde.

I hope this helps those who are considering the treatment. I'm off to have a happy hair day! 


  1. it definitely looks sleeker and shinier in the after pic - I really like ur hair color btw! the process seems to be a pain tho :P

  2. I love Pureology products!! Your hair looks so smooth and healthy!!

  3. Wow, hair treatments can really bur a hole in one's pocket. But hey, that's the price we have to pay to have great and best of all, healthy hair. You look pretty even with the heart covering your smile. :P

  4. I must said your hair look so so amazing ^^

  5. i think it made your hair healthier G! :) love the after picture.

    LOL @ not washing hair for 3 days. X___x that must've been real hard.

  6. your hair looks beautiful!!! i'd go crazy if i can't wash my hair for 3 days too! i go crazy after 1 day. my whole day is ruined HAHAAHA

  7. haha! talagang may not for pregnant woman! LOL! I can't wait to pamper myself after giving birth to baby alessandra! :) Looking at your blog makes me appreciate my upcoming little bundle of joy more coz i imagine us going to the salon together doing kikay stuff na! haha! <3

  8. Your hair looks GORGEOUS! I'm not sure I'd have the patience to stay in a chair that long!

  9. I like the before and the after. My boss might like this. When we went to Panama together, she had a lot of trouble with her hair.

    Also, recently I read a comment of yours on another blog and it was just what I had wanted to say. SO I think it's time to say again that I like the way you think. =)

  10. this looks and sounds interesting! i can definitely see the difference. Your hair is looking very smooth! The humidity here is driving my hair nuts too even though I usually have straight hair -_-;

  11. Babe, your hair looks gorgeous! Well, I thought it always did but now it has that extra pizzazz! =) It's dry here so frizz isn't a problem. Just dried ends and limpy hair. Well for me :P

    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. wow look at you!!! you're like a superstar getting pampered by 2 stylists. and the result is just amaaaaazing!!!

  13. hmmm I do like the way your hair turned out! ^.^ It indeed looks healthy! Let's hope it stays that way for the promised time and worth its price!

    BTW, Thank you for your comment on my sasa nightmare! Love you girl! <3 They are simply dickheads!
    If you won't kill me and can find any of the followings, I'd be indebted to you and you can ask for anything I can do =) Originally I had Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume and Curls Mascara ($12.50) and Naris Up Wink Up Maxigrade mascara ($9.20) in my order. If the actual store has either of them near these sale prices then I'd be thankful for any of them. I've never tried them, but if you know another good volumizing mascara....
    I thought about the famous Hadalabo Super Hyaluronic Acid lotion (but only if the int.shipping is cheap from HK).
    I thought about more MUFE stuff too, but I don't want you to spend so much on me =) You're going there for holiday anyway =)


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