Friday, February 11, 2011

Matching Lips & Nails? Esprique Precious BE280 + Heart-y NOTD

I was browsing my iPhoto and came across some pics I was supposed to blog about but never got around to posting. So today I'm sharing swatches of my Beauty de Kose, ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS Dress On Glossy Rouge in BE 280, a lip gloss I purchased a long time ago, and my (unintended) matching NOTD! haha! thought it was too cute not to share. 
got this from for USD 25.83 + S&H

the flat paddle applicator has 2 sides: a fuzzy and a flat side
the fuzzy side is convenient to use and being flat makes it easier to apply color on the lips, I think the flat side is meant for thinner application of the gloss. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

The consistency and color reminds me of Canmake Nudy Glow lip gloss. Its a moderately pigmented gloss in a soft beige-coral-pink shade with very fine shimmers, neutral enough when worn to pair with a lot of colors like green, blue, brown, peach, beige... It feels a bit sticky, but that can always be fixed with blotting. :) I also find this gloss moisturizing, which is great! I'm going to wear this a lot this S/S season, paired with some Lunasol palettes I got recently.

Essie Shop till I drop, 2 coats + Arezia (Sasa brand) heart glitter polish ~which reminds me of Nicole by OPI x Justin Bieber Step 2 The Beat Of My Heart. (please note that this photo was taken last year.)

products used:
Essie Shop Till I Drop, Arezia heart glitter polish

close up of the heart glitters
Its quite challenging taking those glitter hearts out of the bottle I tell you.

But its worth it. :)

Thanks for dropping by and an early happy Valentine's greeting to all of you!


  1. Yay, matching lips and nails is so nice! The lipgloss is so pretty, and so are your nails! Perfect for Valentine's Day too! ;)

  2. Your nails match the Glossy Rouge perfectly! Pretty look for Valentine's Day I'd say! I love the fine shimmers and packaging. =D

  3. The nails are so cuteeeee! I wanna go buy some sequins to add to my nails now!

  4. that lipgloss is so pretty ^^ !! love the pink color =D

  5. The lipgloss is so pretty! And it matches your polish ^^

  6. Cute!! haha it does look like the justin beiber polish did you get any? I have the one less lonely glitter polish XD

    The mascara remover is awesome! I haven't tried the lunasol palette yet...ooh! i was debating which one to get and decided on the smoky one haha the colorful ones are really pretty tho. I can't wait to see your pics of them ^^

  7. the heart motif is perfect for V day :D love the essie color <3

  8. you had me confused too... nail or lip!? LOL but this color is really pretty. Where do you get your Esprique products from?

  9. Super pretty color. And it really matches your nail color. Cute hearts. :P

  10. ur nails look really cute :)
    and the lippie is a really pretty color~ its so cute how the lippie and the nails match!!

  11. Cute idea to match your lipgloss with your nails! :D

  12. The tube of gloss is so pretty! It's also a very pretty color. I love your NOTD too. The unintentional match with the gloss worked out so perfectly.


  13. the lipgloss is so pretty! :)i really like how it matches your nails G! haha! i agree those glitter thingies can be quite a challenge. >o<"

  14. ohhh, both the gloss and your nails look so cute. I really like the easiness of the sparkly hearts to put in the manicure, so it might be do-able for a manicure-clutz like me too

  15. Hi!! ^_^ that esprique lipgloss look really sophisticated! it's so lovely! & love the name of that essie polish! Shop til you drop! :P

  16. The Esprique is sucha nice pink color!

    p.s. Yes the lemon cream pasta is so good - had it tonight!

  17. The lipgloss and the nails colours are so sweet and cute! I’m more drawn to the nail colour actually. Seems like Essie is a good brand. Often see gorgeous nail colours from Essie by beauty bloggers. Happy V day!

  18. ahh the glitters in the last polish is pretty! Are they hard to remove?


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