Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N 42 Coral Drop + 44 Sweet Venus (NOTW)

After that horrifying allergic reaction to Jill Stuart's Pure Lasting Makeup Base... I just want to let you know that I still love the brand (though I will be staying away from their primers. Ha!). I purchased 2 nail lacquers along with my Secret Tease Collection courtesy of sweet Jennifer, the CP princess of Hong Kong. ;)
The jewel detail on top of the cap adds sparkle to the bottle's packaging. Hands down, these are the prettiest bottles of nail polish I have ever seen in my beauty blogger life. Looking at those scalloped edged bottles is a treat in itself, it instantly makes me feel luxury and beauty.

Please feel free to ooohh and ahhh over the gorgeous bottles. Take your time. :P
Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer N 44 Sweet Venus and 42 Coral Drop 

This is how 44 Sweet Venus looks like on my nails:
Its very sheer, it took me 3 thin coats to get this color. 

It was very easy to apply, it wasn't streaky and the brush quality is great.
it shows luminous colors which change depending on the lighting and how the light hits your nails. Its quite mesmerizing. :) I took my photos under direct sunlight and it looked more pink/purple than greenish (which appears in darker light conditions).

Have you tried Jill Stuart Nail lacquers? Let me know if there are other MUST HAVE shades! ;)


  1. Seriously Georgina, Jill Stuart packaging gets me every time. However the products are ridiculously expensive. I haven't purchased any of the nail polishes and don't plan to. Great swatches!

  2. I love the iridescence this gives off and of course the packaging is too cute. *^_^*

  3. Those bottles are so pretty! I love the Sweet Venus which you have applied. It seems like an interesting nail polish to wear since it changes color depending on the lighting.


  4. so princess-y!!! i love the colors!!! =)

  5. Nope, I haven't, but you're making me want to run out and buy every single color! zomg Sweet Venus is such a pretty color, I bet that would look great over black.

  6. these are so pretty! N44 would look lovely over pretty pastel colors.

    I really want to try Paul and Joe nail polishes too i just love the princessy packaging of these bottles.

    Have you tried using your konad yet? I'm think of picking up a set too

  7. if only this brand is available here, ill grab one in a heart beat! i dont know, maybe ill just find something similar to that coral drop shade cause i think it will suit better with my hand skin tone!

    thanks for the review :)

  8. I am in looooove with the packaging *starry eyes* Haven't tried their polishes so I can't recommend any shades =[

    RYC, you can get Maxim Cafe Menu lattes on ebay. HTH =D

  9. i wish rustan's would carry jill stuart. :/

    and i did go ohhhh and ahhh at the pretty nail polish bottles LOL! :3

  10. Coral Drop looks so dessert-like :D!!!

    Sweet Venus looks like duochrome color lol since their polishes look different under different lightings!

  11. oh my.... they both look so gorgeous! The sweet Venus look so pretty and shimmery on you. And the Coral Drop is such a sweet peach! Oh I wish I could visit a Jill Stuart shop.

  12. omg ! all the bottles and colour is gorgeous! want want want

  13. Wow, the polish is so cool!^0^ The packaging is super cute too! I wish JS is more accessible in the U.S.

  14. so pretty...I am loving the color combo


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