Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Very YSL Palette: Swatches & Review

A Duty Free exclusive palette, YSL's international makeup artist Lloyd Simmonds took the traveler's lifestyle as inspiration to create the Very YSL Palette.
with 4 eyeshadows, 2 lip colors, a blush/highlighter plus 3 applicators, it's a steal at SGD68 (approx. USD54)

The patent fuchsia case with the gold plated YSL logo is reason enough to get this palette if you are a packaging junkie like me. :P
The chic palette is safely housed inside a very durable box with cardboard lining to provide more support for its fragile content.

I love how thin it is compared to other travel palettes I saw at DFS (Dior, Lancome). To those interested in the dimensions, palette size is 13cm (length) x 6.5cm (width) x 1.4cm (thickness). It easily fits inside my cosmetic pouch.

palette size compared to a BB Torch

with subtle cheek and eyeshadow shades, a full makeover can be achieved especially when the bold lip colors are swiped onto the lips.

sheer pink blusher with gold micro shimmer, creamy pink & fuchsia lipsticks, shimmery rose, shimmery lilac, taupe & violet eyeshadows.

The colors in this palette are rather sheer save for the darkest eyeshadow and the lipsticks. The blusher shows up when layered on, but I think it is more of a highlighter to enhance (a more pigmented blush) and add glow to the cheeks. I like to think of it as a highlighter version of NARS Orgasm.

The eyeshadows are mediocre I must say, the texture is not as smooth as other eyeshadows I have tried, but to be fair, the 4 shades complement each other as well as the whole palette. I can definitely pull off a whole look with this, all I need is base makeup and mascara! :)

I hope this helps all the traveling lovelies, who might be considering this palette.

Happy Monday!


  1. what a gorgeous palette! I love all the hues there and they look so versatile to use, Georgina! I hope you doa FOTD with it. I saw your Singapore pics on FB, they looked amazing, looked like you had a great time!

  2. Thanks for the review - think I'll save my pennies!

  3. this is a gorgeous palette~ hey in fact it looks like a case for your phone! soo cute.

  4. cute packaging! i've been wanting a ysl palette for some time...

  5. wowo tats a lotta pink
    its pretty but sad to hear the texture was not as smooth as expected

  6. Gorgeous! The shades in that palette are so me!

  7. Thank you for the swatches~!
    I think I would give it a miss, it's so pretty but it's not as pigmented and smooth :(


  8. Pretty packaging!!! Almost looks like a really cute phone case! XD

    Pity about the pigmentation and smoothness of the eyeshadows though. Also think I'l give it a miss. I odnt actually travel that much anymore :(

    I'm still thinking about buying a Unii palette to depot into, but I've been thinking abut it for ages. Willl probably never get there at this rate!

  9. Such a gorgeous palette! Love it! Such pretty shades, and the packaging is lovely!

  10. The packaging is so pretty! Such a shame the shadows themselves aren;t a bit nicer...


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