Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bugis Village Finds!

Singapore's Bugis Village is known for its great bargain shopping which is a totally different realm from the sassy malls of Orchard Road. My eyes widened at the sight of incredibly low-priced trendy clothes and accessories! Just ask Luna. ^_~  

I had so much fun hunting for quirky, kawaii accessories that I feel the need to share 'em with you lovelies! Here are some of my bargain picks:

3 for SGD10 rings
bunny ears ring ala Louis Vuitton

vintage looking home-maker bunny carrying an easter egg. How cute is that?

big brass bow! this doesn't photograph too well, but it sure looks attractive when worn!

3 for SGD15 connector rings! 
who doesn't like stars?!

a curly mustache connector ring for my bestie! LOL.

and my favorite...
another trinket added to my little box of gorgeousness. :)

 Given the affordable price, I don't expect these to last me a lifetime, these are fast-fashion accessories after all, the kind of quality you can get from Forever21 and H&M. 

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy!

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