Thursday, October 27, 2011

L'Oreal Color Infaillible Eyeshadows Swatches

This post is dedicated to my dear friend / enabler Lynn C. in hopes of turning tables and making her want these little pots of pigments. :P

L'Oreal's answer to Armani's Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadows, the Infaillibles succeeds in living up to its promise of infallible, indefectible wear, giving off high pigmentation and dramatic richness of shades.
I got these on promotion for SGD10 each at Changi T3 Duty Free, the other shades were already sold out.

I love the packaging, so practical and user friendly. You can see what shade you are holding on either side of the pot.

left to right: 014 Eternal Black (black shadow with purple glitter), 012 Endless Chocolat (deep brown), 009 Permanent Kaki (pearly army green), 007 Unlimited Sky (pearly sky blue), 006 All Night Blue (dark blue with blue shimmer), 005 Purple Obsession (smoky purple)

I like using my smallest fingers (ring and pinky) to get and apply these shadows as I find it easier to blend, control and prevent fallout that way. I also find it quite enjoyable touching the shadows as they feel velvety soft like they can actually melt in your fingertips. 

Infaillibles (upper) vs. ETK's (lower)
I'm happy to report I don't have duplicate shades as the Infaillibles are like solid shots of color with shimmer you can pick out while ETK's are more complex with the hybrid (pearl and shimmery) finish marbled into the pigments.

So, which formula lasts longer?
rubbed gently with wet cotton, the L'Oreal Infaillibles faded quickly while the ETK's obviously need more rigorous rubbing to wipe out entirely. Quality wise, Armani takes the cake (and more of our ca$$$h too!) 

I don't really believe that the Infaillibles are dupes to the Eyes To Kill Silk Shadows as they look different when swatched and the colors are much simpler. I think a better explanation would be L'Oreal was inspired by Armani to create a more affordable line of highly pigmented, soft as butter shadows. Because clearly, Armani is on a league of its own.

Overall, L'Oreal's take is highly respectable and of top-notch quality despite being a drugstore brand. I'm very happy with my little collection, but I still feel I need the lighter shades (white, beige and pink) for blending. *beautybloggerwoes*

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  1. I love them!
    U r lucky, cause u can buy them for such a good price!

    Greets from Germany

  2. L'Oreal and Armani are owned by the same company. That's why there are similarities between the 2 products.


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