Thursday, October 20, 2011

A STELLAR Day Trip to Kuala Lumpur!

One of the perkiest and most fabulous ladies I know on Blogger, Stellar Vixen aka Joo lyn was one of the ladies I was very excited to meet in person. I tell you, Malaysia tourism should hire her, she's an exceptional host! Every bit of my day trip to Kuala Lumpur was filled with upbeat chats and  amusing sights!
First stop: a photo op at the Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin buildings in the world! G & Stellar, we finally meet! ♥

after all the posing under the intense sunlight, we had an authentic malaysian feast at Madam Kwan's to satisfy our growling tummies!
nasi bojari, the chicken was really savory, it was tender and moist hmm, I'm getting hungry!

laksa aka curry noodles

belacan kangkung, similar to our local "kangkong in bagoong", but tastier! yumyum :D

spicy sambal! really good stuff!

our generous hostess ♥

cosmetic shopping!
we tried on lipsticks at the Cle de Peau counter. Stellar rocked the orange shade!

at Suria KLCC


we also had afternoon drinks at the Sky Bar, Trader's Hotel. Stellar made sure we had a wonderful view of the KL skyline. Awesome!

you can see KLCC's kiddie playground and pool from the bar. Its a refreshing view from all the skyscrapers.

Last stop, SEPHORA at the Pavillion!
this is my supermodel friend K who traveled with me from Singapore. She delighted Stellar with her mad skills in posing for the camera! I'm sure I will get a BBM rant if she reads this. LOL! :P

Here's my SEPHORA loot!

Topshop haul, got a significant discount with Stellar's member card. Wheee~
Yay~ now I can finally try their cream and powder blushers! The nail colors were inspired by my mood that day... fun, cool, classy and trendy!

I am definitely coming back to Kuala Lumpur and will stay longer next time! I'm sure there are loads more to conquer in this fine city. 

Thanks for reading!

ps. I just switched to the DISQUS comment system, please feel free to rave/rant if there are any issues you might encounter. Thanks in advance!

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