Thursday, September 24, 2009

Battle of the Blush

I'm so happy with my blog post title. hahaha! As the title suggests, this post is dedicated to the super pretty blushers in the world of makeup. Let me share with you the TOP blushers i have found and seen, some i have bought, some i am coveting. hahaha!

First up, BeneFit's CORALISTA
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photo from BeneFit

I have this and i must say, its so pretty!  Coralista is a slightly sheer, coral-pink blush (duh) that makes you want to go on a vacation. LOL. but seriously, i think it will suit any skin tone and any hair color from blonde to redhead to brunette. It perks up your skin tone and it smells good too! The packaging is a box with a cute safari theme and inside you will find an ok brush which is not that soft, but it does the job. ;) Made in the USA (if that matters to you)

Next up is CHANEL Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 99 Rose Pétale

This blush is a shimmery pink color which i think is perfect for creating that look which glows. it is very build-able and a little bit shimmery. i think this blush is perfect to wear when you go out on a date. Very pretty.

Swatch (Chanel Rose Petale)


MAC by Fafi in Fashion Frenzy

I've had this for a while now and it's one of my favorites, a cool pink blush which can give you that natural glow if you go light but can also give you intense color if you build it up because it is pigmented. A perfect pink blush + cutie patootie packaging = LOVE! hahaha
YSL Touche Blush in 01

photo from

What they say,
What it is:
A lightweight, loose powder blush that enhances the face with a sheer veil of color.

What it does:
Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE BLUSH is a true beauty accessory, a makeup concept that transforms blush application into a moment of pure pleasure. The first of its kind to use this packaging, the "radiant touch" applicator allows for the use of ultra-fine powders to create a truly luminous, natural glow to the cheeks.

What else you need to know:The blush is formulated with long-lasting, stay-true pigments that provide a luminous and natural-looking flush to the cheeks, and work for all skin types.

Has anyone tried this YSL blush? Can you give me some details? Is it really long wearing? Is the sponge applicator easy to clean? haha :)

And lastly, the Shiseido Luminizer

I tried this at the store and i must say its so creamy and easy to blend, it doesnt dry out fast unlike some others. I'm still thinking about it. Any thoughts on this?
That's all, i hope I didn't bore you to death with this long post. :)

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