Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kanebo one-day SALE!

Hey fellow beauty addicts in Manila! I just wanted to share with you exciting news! Kanebo products (Lunasol, Coffret D'or and Faircrea) will be having a one day sale today at Rustan's Department Store. SA told me on Sunday that they will be having 10 percent off on all Kanebo products, and that she was willing to reserve some items for me. so i opted to wait for 3 more days before purchasing my coveted Coffret D'or SA Eyes in 03 and the Coffret D'or Lip Essence. Who knows, i just might get more stuff on sale today. 

I'm so excited! Makeup haul to follow real soon! =^_^=


  1. Hey, welcome to the blogging world! :)

    How come there isn't a "FOLLOW" button on your blog, missy? Lol, you needa set that up!

  2. hi glitteryeyesxx! Thank you so much you are my first commenter :D as for the follow button, i'll fix it right now thanks for pointing that out. hahaha!


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