Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bubble Dye Time! Liese Sweet Apricot

What is Sweet Apricot?
☛ a juicysoft fruitresembling a small peach, of an orange-yellow color. 
☛ one of the few, new shades of my favorite bubble dye. 
☛ My new hair color... Ch-check it out!

This is my previous hair color, Mocha Orange. The dark roots were annoying me,
 not a pretty sight. ><

foam on hair *squishy*

after waiting for 30 minutes and a shower...
Hello there evenly colored, vibrant hair! Please stay for long?

I know it looks almost the same shade as Mocha Orange, but in person, its a tad darker especially indoors. Please excuse me while I obsess about my dark eyebrows. I need a salon fix stat! >.<

For a more detailed post + instructions, please view my first DIY hair dye post here.

Thanks for looking!

ps. apologies for the scarcity of posts, my alter-ego is a bit busy with real life at the moment. be back soon! ^_~


  1. hullow g! the color is perfect for fall - if we only had such a season here haha! :) i wish my hair color will also stay on. i recently died it dark brown with etude house's bubble color too. =)

  2. I have been thinking about getting some bubble dyes for absolutely AAAGES but never taken the plunge and just done it! I LOVE the colour! It's so vibrant!

    I think the thing that's stopping me is that I really won't know what to do with my brows. I thought about bleaching them but then I don't want orange eyebrows *frown*

  3. Is bubble hair dye like mousse hair dye? We have mousse hair dye here but not bubble hair dye...

  4. I dyed my hair brown for the 1st time after dunno how many years of maintaining them black... your post makes me look forward to my black roots show so i can try liese!! YEAH

  5. your hair looks super pretty! love the colour :)

  6. Such a beautiful colour perfect for Autumn!! Love the name -Sweet Apricot!

  7. <3 the color, sweets!! You remind me to color my own :P

  8. Such a pretty color! Unfortunately home dye kit never shows up on my thick hair..:-(

  9. so far liese is the only hair-dye product that works on my hair, it turned out great on u!

  10. a pretty warm colour! Me thinks Im going back to black soon ^^

  11. I think I should colour my faded hair colour soon!

    This Sweet Apricot is really a nice color!

  12. That's not bad! I really need that kind of dye for my hair. The colour dye that I use doesn't show up much in my hair.

    I wish that there would be a method where I can have my hair a certain colour permanently.Black hair certainly doesn't suit me or maybe I'm just too used to it and want a change. :)

  13. hehe I like your vibrant but not overdone hair color! Do you dye your eyebrows too Georgina? My roots are growing out and I'm wondering if I should redye as well.. anyways hope you are well- wanted to say hi, I've missed chatting with you :)


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