Thursday, October 22, 2009

Laneíge Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel

I recently bought Laneíge's Strawberry Peeling Gel [2-step dead cell care] because I was intrigued by it and i love how yummy it smells! SA was so nice she gave me lots of samples to try out. :)


Peeling gel kiss hahaha! :)

spread and massage gently (especially if you have sensitive skin)

massage until you see dead skin cells/dirt surfaces/pollutants come up, apparently i had clean hands at the time. :)

I've only used it once for now since i wouldn't want to over exfoliate my skin but i saw a brightening effect and a very clean, smooth and soft feel on my face after washing with lukewarm water, plus the smell is so yummy i had to keep my tongue inside my mouth while massaging my face with the gel. :P LOL! 

I tried it on the boyfriend too and he didn't mind at all! in fact he liked it. A plus for bonding element of the product. hehe :)

I recommend this to the ladies (and gents) who love to exfoliate and who love strawberry scent. I bought this at Laneíge, Trinoma fro Php1,250 (approx. US $27). It comes in a 150ml. bottle, thats a lot of product so i don't think i will repurchase for a long while. 

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