Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love Bombed.

When I started blogging, my thoughts were fueled by my growing interest in beauty, cosmetics and the passion to share my experience with others who breathed the same air. I never really thought about developing friendships across the seas. Now, I can honestly say I have met some of the sweetest ladies in the beauty blogging world! OK before I get any more emo, this post is about the 2 packages I received this week courtesy of lovely tweetheart Lynn and Blogger beauty Kat

I asked Lynn to help me purchase some Silk Whitia Moisturizing + Whitening Masks (my favorite ones) and she sent me more gifts than the actual items asked her to CP!
Sheet masks galore! Do you spot the Coldstone Ice cream mask? been wanting to try that forever! *squeals* I wish you can hear my squeal in Singapore Lynn! hahaha! <3

Lynn also sent me an advanced birthday gift!
A Shu Uemura UV under base mousse in BB beige 
from the Sakura collection by Mika Ninagawa! *review coming soon*

fresh from Hawaii, another love pack from Kat!
Kat is so accommodating, she helped me purchase the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary 24/7 set from the UD site. Plus she sent me gifts as well! MBD masks, a Sonia Kashuk brush, Wet 'n Wild palette, a really cute and lightweight mirror and the cutest lip pots from NYX! I cant wait to play around with them, will take some nicer photos this weekend. :)

THANK YOU Lynn and Kat! I am truly in awe with all the love you make me feel.


  1. SO nice of Lynn and Kat! :) I've received a package from Kat before and shes a very lovely person. Can't wait for the Coldstone Ice Cream Mask! and mostly everything else haha.

  2. Awww so sweet of these girls! Have fun playing with your new goodies G =D

  3. Awesome goodies! That's really sweet of them. Have fun playing with your new babies, G. :)

  4. I was so happy that I could help you get that UD 15th Anniversary LE set. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you need help getting anything again. You are a super sweet friend that I've been blessed to have "met" through blogging.


  5. aww you are one heck of a sweet blogger too! hugs!!

    oh my my those UD liners looked beautiful! wheee have fun~!

    ahh soniaKASHUK BRUSH seems okay~ picked up some from my sis residing in US~ i can do blending for my eye-shadowwww

  6. Ohh... you got the Shu BB Underbase Mousse! I wanted it so bad!! Too bad it's only Asia exclusive and LE! :(

    You think it's still available in Asia by now?

    Can't wait to read your review on this!

  7. loving blogger friends are the BEST!!! <3 Enjoy your new goodies :)

  8. *just died of ingget. LOL!

    you're such a lucky gal G! you have awesome & sweet friends. <3

  9. Aw they sent you such lovely packages G. You definitely are a deserving girl though!

  10. they're so sweet. the shu uv under base is too cute!


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